Wednesday, April 12, 2006


I have been busy sleeping, eating, watching American Idol and HOUSE, and the movie "Inside Man"...too busy to blog. Okay, now I'm back and the topic of my post today is in reference to Kaili's sister Shalane's blog about whether you need a man to "complete you". I think this topic is pretty black and white. Either you agree or disagree. I disagree. Just the other night I heard someone on TV describe a relationship as "ONE PLUS ONE EQUALS TWO, NOT A HALF PLUS A HALF EQUALS A WHOLE". I think this is the perfect description for a healthy relationship!!! If you feel incomplete as an individual, and complete because of someone have issues. A secure, happy person shouldn't feel less of a person because they aren't part of a couple. Soli...I salut you for going out dancing alone...!!!


Audrey said...

Wow a serious blog from my sis?! I don't know if I would ever say that my husband completes me. But I feel that my girls bring a completeness to me...if that makes any sense. Celine Dion once said that she herself was born the day that her son was born. And that comment really stuck with me because my life just became more complete once I became Alex and Rachel's mama.

Anonymous said...

about the topic (complete)
if you asking my opinion number is not making one.
only,selflessness plus selflessness will make a total complete but as like us normal human being it is just a very difficult homework


Kaili said...

Nice Joyce!
I have been checkin' your blog everyday, FINIALLLY you updated!!! It's like an addiction, I NEED to know what's going on in your life EVERDAY!!! Haha!! j/k!
I shall forward Sha this way as she will be happy to know that someone agrees with her. I also agree, but I know that Robin and I have odd views on how a relationship is run.

Shalane said...

Hey Joybe, i have never met you before, but i am glad to see that SOMEONE agrees. I think is shows true immaturity if you feel like someone COMPLETES you. Phil and i love eachother, but we don't complete eachother, there are other things in life that make you a whole person, not people. Thanks for backing me up!

Anonymous said...

I think what mom is trying to say is that she likes me a lot better than you. just kidding. love love :)

Anonymous said...

Hi All,

I just want it clear that I understood you perfectly Umani.