Friday, April 14, 2006


All week long I was looking forward to this weekend. It's Rob's birthday today, and we had planned to go to Montreal. Tonight was supposed to be his birthday dinner with his side of the family...his mother even baked a birthday cake (which is a BIG deal, as my mother-in-law in a self-proclaimed NON BAKER, NON COOK)!!! And tomorrow was going to be spent with my side of the family...SUGARING OFF!!! I absolutely LOVE going to the Cabane-a-sucre! I went every single Spring from Kindergarden to Grade 6!!! But someone had a different plan for us this weekend. Rob has been in bed since yesterday morning with the flu, and I'm sick with a cold. Ick. I even slept in the spare bedroom last night to avoid getting whatever Rob has (he had a fever of 101'). So far, not a fun birthday weekend! Anyway, such is life...HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my stinker, papabear, fix-it-guy, bug killer, husband and best friend!!! P.S. Happy 3rd Birthday to my puppy Bosco...who DID get to celebrate his birthday with a breakfast of CANNED dogfood...what a yummy treat!


Kaili said...

Happy Birthday Rob!
Oh man, that sucks you are both sick, your week end sounded so fun!!
Get better soon!

Audrey said...

Happy Birthday Rob! I hope you feel better soon. As for you Joyce, I'm pretty sure you're not's JUST ALLERGIES!!!!!! Love, love guys.

Anonymous said...

Happy birth day Rob ; Is that you? the handsome boy on your wife's blogs\?
I hope you guys feel better soon , yammmmmy kimchis waiting for you
love mom

joyce said...

Rob is less than impressed that I posted this picture for you all to see...I like's funny...his shirt cracks me up.