Thursday, April 06, 2006


I saw this on Rebecca Eckler's blog and thought it was I copied it! Honestly I don't have many secrets...probably because I have a big mouth, and blurt out things about myself that most people don't want others to know! But I like ME...and am not ashamed of own little "secrets"...

1. I have an obsession with wedge sandals...not only do they make me look taller, but I find them incredibly sexy.
2. I kiss my dog on the lips.
3. I have two tattoos, the first I got in Montreal when I turned 18 years old and dragged my friend Shayne with me, the second I got a year later when I was living in Vancouver and dragged my friend Jessica with me. My mom HATES them both.
4. I live by Plato's quote "Attention to Health is the Greatest Hindrance to Life"! I have NO WILL POWER when it comes to something I a greasy poutine, Starbucks, or calorie-ridden desserts!
5. I like men in uniform.
6. I cry very easily. I cry in almost every movie I see...including Terminator II when at the end, the Terminator is being lowered into the vat of acid, and is saying goodbye to the little boy. I also cried when I watched the kid-movie "Two Brothers" when the two tigers are reunited and realize they are long lost brothers and start rubbing their faces together!
7. I laugh at inappropriate things. This is why I miss Jan, Akiko and Glen so much...they are also like this. I still laugh at the story of the seeing-eye-dog that made his blind owner walk right face first into a pole, when the dog himself avoided it! Sorry if this offends any of you. I know, I know...Namaste Audrey.
8. I can sing along to every heavy-metal-rock-ballad of the 80's and 90's.
9. I still count with my fingers.


Kaili said...

OK, so I don't know about the whole security blanket thing, WEIRDO!!! But that seeing eye dog thing cracked me right up, and then when you said Namaste to Audrey, hilarious!!!

dina said...

good grief woman...where is your self preservation! Actually I'm still amused by this most recent post. You a funny girl too

Anonymous said...

You still have that blanket! Is it the same one you brought to the casino with you for good luck?
I was with you when you started to cry during Terminator. I drew attention to you by saying out loud "are you crying?!" That was funny. Ahhh...what good times we had.

Anonymous said...

my dear baby I am proud of you , except your tatoos.

anyway, I love you .

Audrey said...

That Namaste thing is something I learned from Sue - but I think it's so true/beautiful. Why do you think it's so funny Kaili! Joyce, that last post was hilarious.

ninepounddictator said...

I'm so honoured!
You must tell me all about this security blanket! Please write about it to me at

Love to hear about it!

Anonymous said...

Oh're crazy! I miss you! Come back to Vancouver; Glen's away for another two weeks so we can get into trouble, although, he'll probably read this and then get mad. oh well. smile!

Anonymous said...

11th thing that you may not know about Joyce: She's very SLOW at updating her BLOG!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful Shoes!!! What is my darling sister going to wear on her manicured feet this summer?
Would you like me to sign you up for updates from "Naturalizer" Shoe company?!
- S. xoxoxo