Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Ok, I admit...I'm obsessed...

I LOVE this used furniture website www.usedottawa.com! I check it several times a day to see when newly listed second-hand furniture is posted. I blame my obsession on the purchase of this house! I love being a home-owner...it comes from having rented an apartment for so many years before. Now we get to paint, decorate, plant, whatever and whenever we want! I am constantly thinking about what I want to do (and buy) for the house next. I fell in LOVE with this solid oak dresser from this website last week. It was stunningly gorgeous. And only $65.00!! I emailed the person selling it, and asked her when I could come and see it. She told me she could show it to me that night, or the next night. I decided that since it was freezing rain, and that I didn't know if the dresser would fit in our car without keeping the hatchback part open, it was safer to see it the next night. I went home, looked at the picture of it again, and decided, "yes I absolutely love it and will buy it tomorrow". The next morning, I emailed the lady telling her that I would be by after work...I almost cried when I found out that someone else had braved the weather and bought it the night before! Now that it's gone, I think I love it even more! Anyway, my new decorating idea involves this black antique armoire and the burgundy slipper chairs. Both items are way too expensive, but you never know...the thing about second-hand shopping means bargaining! I wonder if I will ever feel like my house is "done". I am constantly looking around and thinking "OK, I need to hang a picture there, and that wall needs to be painted red, and I need a mirror to open up this space..."


Anonymous said...

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joyce said...

who's this "anonymous said"??? we don't have zipcodes in canada silly...you sound suspicious.

audrey said...

That's too funny. Strangers are reading your blog! haha. I love that black armoire too. I can't wait to see your home when we come and visit in May.

Dad said...

Hi, Joyce

You missed a real good one.
But it seems to be little big, and unmatched.
Anyway another chance will come.

Thess day it is a routine to visit this site and have fun.