Thursday, March 16, 2006

Blah Blah Blah...Boring Boring Boring...
I'm not posting a real blog because I'm supposed to be studying. And now that both my mom and dad read my blog...I will get busted if they find out that instead of reading my dumb Mutual Funds textbook I am wasting my time blogging! Ha ha ha, 31 years old and married with my own house, and still worried that I'm going to get in trouble from my parents! Bye all...I'll write something more fun over the weekend.


Dad said...

Ha Ha !!

Always you are my last darling cute baby whatever your ege, and married.

Fighting your work.
You will do it!!


Kaili said...

I love your Dad's comment!! Haha!!! He still has control over you.
Ok, are you like 3, you're freaked out of if your parents know you are blogging when you should be studying? That's funny!!! They don't even live close to you, what are they going to do, call you up and tell you that you are grounded and that you lose your computer previleges?? Haha!