Saturday, March 18, 2006


One of my favorite stories of my little monkey Victor, is when he was a little boy (3 or 4 yrs old I think), and he got in trouble for using a screwdriver to poke holes in the screen patio doors. When his mother (Sue) discovered him doing this and asked him why...he responded with "I wanted to break something". My Rob LOVES this line...he claimes to totally understand this typical BOY "feeling". Susan then told him that "now bugs will be able to come in", to which Victor responded all worried ..."Even the bubblebees?" Ha ha ha, so cute and funny! I hope all your birthday wishes come true Victor!!! I promise I will see you next weekend with a cool present to make up for not being there to celebrate it today.


Kaili said...

Oh my gosh, what kinda of an Auntie are you? You didn't even show up for his party? Geesh! Haha! I love that picture of Victor, so cute!
What's with the Ahn family and bugs?

Audrey said...

That picture is from Joyce's wedding. Victor was playing pool at the reception. Too cute. He's grown so much. I remember he was still in diapers when I moved to Penticton. Where has the time gone. I miss you Victor.

Audrey said...

Joyce,did you get a lot of studying done or what? You haven't written in your blog....OK well you did on Saturday but I still want to hear what you are doing.