Sunday, March 12, 2006

Bosco, Bosco, Bosco...Rob and I honestly say that we have the "cutest dog in the world" on a daily basis!!! He doesn't listen all that well, his ears are kinda stinky, his paws smell like popcorn or corn-chips, he drools when there is food around, his lips sometimes smell like dirty-rags, he moans and groans whenever he lies down like he's had the toughest day, he is known to steal people's spots on the sofa (if you get up to go to the bathroom or get up to get something, you're sure to come back to having NO more seat)...but man do we love this goofy guy!!!
For those of you who don't know, Bosco is a mix of a Black Lab and a Basset he has short legs. Look how determined he is to look over the fence, short legs and all!
Can you believe he's a throw-away-shelter-dog?? He's so handsome!!! My forever-puppy (his nickname since his short legs and big ears make him look like a 4 month old lab puppy, rather then a 21/2 year old)!I found him on Petfinder, an online website that advertizes shelter animals who need adopting. Rob and I drove 6 hours each way from Vancouver to almost Oregon to get him...12 hours total in one day!!! Anyway, not only is he a looker...but smart too...check out his blog (it was emailed to me at work a couple of weeks ago)


Kaili said...

You and Audrey are obsessed!!! I DON'T get the whole dog thing, I am definitally NOT a dog person. I am a BABY person. Now you are copying Aud with her blog, or maybe you posted this first, I dunno, but somethings fishy about you and your blogging....Hahah!

Kaili said...

I don't know if you check older comments, but I left another comment in your last post and you should read it.

audrey said...

Joyce.... you so copied me today! Blogging about your dog! There is definitely something fishy about your blogging style. Ha ha. OK so we love our dogs. How come you and I are so alike and Susan is so different. a) She would never have a dog and B) even if by chance she had a pet she would never blog about it. Bosco is cute I'll admit... the smart part I'm not too sure about it.

Dad said...

Hi, Joyce
How's your weekend?
study hard?
I hope everything is going well


Anonymous said...

Hi joyce!!!!!!!

I LOVE Bosco`s pictures!

Could you send me some of those pictures to my e-mail?

I love you soooooo much!! See you soon! Maybe the next time I see you I could read you the story I wrote!
Love Romy!