Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Not so subliminal message?

Hudson brought this home from preschool.
Note: It's entitled "My Family"
Note: The guy in the door is Hudson (I asked).
Note: Ummmm...the rest of us are missing.
Note: I asked him where his mama, daddy, brother, and even dog are.

We were all apparently busy doing something or other.

What his teacher may be reading into this picture scares me a little.


Chantale said...

Lol! Ah kids.. It's a great drawing btw. Maybe a little, leave the younger brother with family and take Hudson-only out for an afternoon date? : ) Don't worry, he knows he's loved! xo

Audrey said...

Oh my. I like Chantal's idea. He needs a mommy and daddy all to himself meal. Maybe the three of you guys go for a Starbucks treat or to the park and leave Devin with Halmoni?

I also agree, nice picture Hudson!

Sonia said...

At that age, they are also very "me" centered. Maybe it was simply just a picture of him in HIS house?

Chantale's idea though is a good one. I'm sure he'd appreciate time alone with mommy & daddy.

Anonymous said...

Oh! you have to frame this one!

Love it!


joyce said...

i just looked at the picture again...and it looks like he's holding a bottle...or gun...either way...hilarious.

Shannon said...

Funny. Good idea Chantale. Maybe him and Dad could just have an excursion and Hudson and Mama could have an excursion, and then just the 3 of you. Audrey does that with her girls too.

We are going to instill family Fun Night where once a week, each member of the family chooses an event/dinner and noone can complain. So, I may choose a movie, Dad might choose visiting Princess Auto, and Kid might choose watching endless hours of Wiggles. Or, play a board game, etc. It's just a chance for everyone to get together and have fun.

Audrey said...

Joyce, I noticed that 'thing' in his hand and didn't want to draw attention to it. So funny.