Friday, November 05, 2010

I'm not as nice or good a mama...

as this mama.

As you can see from my Halloween post, Hudson was Shaggy from Scooby-Doo (in the Mystery Machine) this year.

He actually wanted to be Daphne.

Really really wanted to be Daphne.

He cried his eyes out (true temper tantrum) in the Halloween store when I told him I wouldn't buy him the Daphne costume. I said "no" because 1. the costume cost $39.99. 2. It's a girl's costume. 3. Rob would have divorced me, and I need him around to finish fixing the Kitty House.

I am absolutely not homophobic, nor would I be upset if Hudson was a cross-dresser when he gets long as he is happy. 3 years old (going on 4 in a few days)...I do NOT want anyone, ANYONE, making fun of him, and making him feel bad. He's already too sensitive, and I would not willingly put him in a position that he may be ridiculed. For Pete's sake, a "mean" boy in his class said he didn't like Hudson's orange shirt last week, and it hurt both of our feelings.

But doesn't that boy from Nerdy Apple Bottom look so so happy in that picture? Happier than Hudson does in any of HIS Halloween pictures.


Shannon said...

Oh, Joyce, you are a great Mama. I read about that boy dressing as Daphne, and I don't see what the problem is. It's Halloween for goodness sakes, and you dress as your favorite character! I think he looked sweet.

But, I hear you about how mean people can be. I am seriously scared of putting Malcolm in a social interaction setting cause people are so damn mean and opinionated! But, we have to steer them in the best direction and give them the tools to fend for themselves.

I think you have to gage your own child's reaction to things and if a boy mocked Hudson because of an orange shirt, and Hudson was sensitive, then you made the right choice about him not dressing as Daphne for Halloween.

I must say this to Hudson though, he rocked his awesome Mama-made outfit! And, clearly, any kid who mocks an orange shirt is a poo-poo head! Orange is the MumBo's official color, and we are glad to have Hudson in our ranks!

Sonia said...

You know your son best and if you believe he would have been hurt by possible comments made by other kids and parents, you did right.

Brandon wanted to a be a witch this year (like his sister) and I nixed the idea for the same reasons as you. Not that I had a problem with it, but I didn't want him to be ridiculed at school. He's very sensitive, and it's the last thing he needs.

You're his mamma...there to protect and look out for him. You're doing a great job!

Audrey said...

I can't believe you posted this! haha. What a coincidence, eh?
Don't be so hard on yourself sissy! You are a GREAT mama. Hudson had such a fun Halloween. And his costume was AMAZING!
What did Rob say? Did you show him this post? haha

Audrey said...

BTW it hurt your feelings too about the orange shirt?! I can relate because to this day I have not been able to forgive that mama that gave out bday invitations to all the girls in the class except Alex and Rachel the first year of pre-school.

Chantale said...

Aw, I agree with everyone: You're a great Mama! I agree with you.. he's too young to start dressing like a girl. lol! But in all seriousness, he's too young. Too small to understand the why's and how come's and to either defend himself or to really joke back. One of my neighbor's kids dressed up as a cheerleader. He's a boy! But he had the dress on, makeup and a wig with 2 ponytails. But he was like over 10 years old and he made everyone laugh. He was also old enough to 'camp it up' cuz he knew he was dressed like a girl. lol.

So, good job Joyce! Besides, that Shaggy costume is AWESOME!!

Shannon said...

I told Jeff this story and he said (and I quote) "WHAT?? So, now I have to go to beat this kid up? It's worth it to support a kid who loves orange."

Hudson, The West has got your back buddy!

Kim said...

Great Blog Joyce!
I'm always struggling with "sharing too much" online, but I need to get over it because i love reading other people's blogs and following along with them. Anyways, please post some reno photos!! I'm obsessed with home renos and decorating even though it is so unpleasant and expensive...How's it all going?

Anonymous said...

Baby you're a great Mama, more so than I could have hoped for. To my son Hudson (if you ever read this when you're older) I love you completely and will always support you whatever path you may take in life, but right now dressing as a girl is not a good idea for reasons you will understand when you're older.

Audrey said...

Ahem....Birthday posts please!!!!!!