Saturday, June 26, 2010

Calypso Water Park

What a blast we all had at the brand new Calypso Water Park. It had enough kiddie things to keep Hudson entertained all day long. AND it had enough crazy scary adult slides to keep the rest of us entertained all day long. It wasn't cheap...I purposely didn't tell Rob how much it cost until we got there...but totally worth it!

Kiddie area that Hudson LOVED. Until Romy found some poo in the water, and I refused to let Hudson go back in.


Can you imagine if you were caught on those stairs during this week's earthquake?!? Yikes they were scary enough to climb when the earth stands still. P.S. Rob is the only one of us that braved the Veritgo (the white slide in the background)!

Devin chillin like he does so well!

Edouard the Dare Devil went down the yellow slide you see in the background!

Victor, Kyle (Victor's friend), and Romy going down the "Race Track"

Me and Romy waiting in the wrong line for the ride we actually wanted to go down - which we obviously didn't know at the time this picture was taken. We had to butt-in line when we realized our mistake. Butting in line when you have to carry a 6 foot tube isn't too inconspicuous. By the way...I screamed the whole way down the slide. Scary fun.

End of wonderful day.
It was a great way to start off Summer 2010!


Audrey said...

Holy Crap! So many things to comment on.
The place looks so so fun but the poo makes me want to run away!
It's totally not fair that you are wearing a bikini when you just had a baby!
Devin might be the cutest baby of all times!
Romy should be discovered by a modeling agency.
Love seeing the pictures of Susan and the gang, Rob and Hudson.
No fair that I live so far away.

Chantale said...

I agree with every point Audrey commented on. Yes Yes Yes and more Yes! lol. Plus, not so great about the poopy in the water. This is why I hate public swimming areas. Ppl do all kinds of things in the water. And the parents are the ones that let them cuz they're too lazy to get them to the bathroom! Yuck.
Looks like an amazing time!!!

Sonia said...

Ew..poop in the water. Yeah, that happened at Great Wolf Lodge once when we went. They actually close down the whole section of slides that the poo is found in for 1/2 an hour. Enough time for the water to recirculate with fresh water.

The water park looks awesome!! Looks like everyone had a great time!! You look awesome post baby Joyce!

Shannon said...

Yes, Audrey, I second the HOLY CRAP! That is too frickin' AWESOME!!!! I need to go there. Waterslides are too fun and it looks like you had too much fun. Props to Romy for eyeballing the poo. GROSS!!!