Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Nothing much new around here...

Devin is sleeping through the night (didn't want to jinx it by blogging about it, but it's been more than a month now, so I don't think it's just a phase)!

His new thing is sticking out his tongue. I wanna kiss him each time he does it.

And of course...still smiling his way through life!

He's mastered rolling over. Don't mind my annoyingly crazy encouragement.

Our days have been kinda same ol same ol lately...filled with Scooby**, popsicles, and playing at the park.
And oh yeah...after the world's longest, craziest mortgage approval in history...we bought a house! Calling it a "fixer-upper" is a total understatement, but it's got potential. I don't know how many of you could have seen past the filth, 6 cats, and crazy lady currently living there, but it's location and the fact that it was one of the only detached houses in Montreal in our price range convinced us to go for it! Can't wait to show you the "before and after" pictures. I KNOW they'll be impressive (my husband is pretty handy).
**Hudson has "graduated" from watching toddler cartoons like Sesame Street (although he still likes the Backyardigans) to more big kid cartoons like Scooby Doo. The shift is welcome, since Scooby is pretty cool...BUT...these cartoons are on a channel that has commercials. This has resulted in Hudson wanting us to buy Corn Pops cereal, some push-up type candy, and any and every TOY that comes on TV. Yikes...advertising is scary effective.
P.S. There may not be pictures of Hudson on here for a while...his recent haircut is a repeat of this disaster.


Chantale said...

Haha! So cute. When the video was ending, looked like Devon was stuck. lol. CONGRATS on the house! Yay!! Things are looking up for you all and I'm so happy! I"m sure the 'before' and 'after' pics are going to be insanely awesome! Can't wait to see them. As well as new Hudson pics. ;p

Audrey said...

Wow look at the chub chub on baby Devin. So so so so cute! Love his new trick of sticking out his tongue!

I want to see pictures of Hudson too! Bad haircut and all.

Can't wait to see the before and after pics of the house sister.

Shannon said...

Malcolm ran over to watch Devin roll over and started laughing. So cute, and what a strong little guy! Those chub-chub legs are ridiculous. I mean, how can you not munch on those on an hourly basis?

And, best of all, CONGRATS on the new house! So exciting!!! Is it far from Sis and Halmonie's? Fixer Uppers are great because there is so much pride in all the work you do. With Rob's handiness and your design skill, it'll put Show Homes to shame. Have fun checking out all the new stuff at Home Depot, etc. Very exciting!! Can't wait to see the pic's.

Anonymous said...

Congrats Guys! I am so excited for you. Please call me...I can help. We went through the same thing, only it was a lady with a hoarding problem and a dog that had an uncontrolable bladder! Yikes it was awful!