Sunday, November 15, 2009

Happy Birthday Hudson!

Hudson turned three! And so it's only right that he got 3 birthday cakes in one week, right?!?

A cake with his cousins (homemade and decorated with love by his Auntie Sue-Poo and Romy)

A cake with his Nanny and Bobby (two little green froggies)

A chocolate cake with his Halmonie and Hadabogi

On a chocolate cake sugar high!

Cake(s), presents, and balloons...he really couldn't have asked for anything more.


Chantal said...

Wowsa! 3 birthday cakes and they all look awesome! Happy birthday Hudson! I love the green froggy cakes.. The last pic, he looks so much older... Hope he had a great weekend, looks like he did!

Anonymous said...

Awsome picture.
Hudson, I love you.
so cute..


Audrey said...

Those pictures are awesome. Everyone looks so happy. Susan and Romy did such a great job with that cake. Wish I could have been there. Really mean it.

p.s. Did you move the piano to mom and dad's place from Susan's?

Shannon said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY Hudson!!!!! I can't believe you are 3 now!!!! Three birthday cakes during his birthday week. Somehow I suspect he totally deserved all the fun and yumminess.

The photo of you three with your parents is funny with the way Hudson is holding his stomach. Almost like he already knows it will be Yum in his Tum!