Thursday, June 11, 2009

I'll take your word for it...

Rob got deliberately pepper sprayed. Don't ask.

Me: "So what did it feel like?"
Rob: "It hurt like crazy"
Me: "Like getting soap in your eyes?"
Rob: repeats what I've said to the guys around him

cue lots of laughing in the background.

Rob: "Imagine tablespoons of the the hottest Korean hot-sauce poured directly on your eyeballs. And you can't go rinse it out."
Me: "How long did hurt?"
Rob: "Around an hour"
Me: "OMG!!! Poor you!!!"



Audrey said...

Ouch! Maybe Rob was exaggerating just a tad to get more sympathy from you....right Rob?

Anonymous said...

750000 to 1.5 million units of heat derived from capiscum - not exageratting at all.

Susan said...

I think J's suggestion of a comparison is funnier; can you imagine what Rob's friends thought...
Kudos to you, Rob, for toughing it out!

Jessica said...

Gee....I sure bet Rob is glad he stuck around for that part of the training, heh?

Cindy said...

Sheesh, men hey? I will never understand the reasons behind why they do half of the things they do... :P