Sunday, June 21, 2009

Happy Father's Day!

Wish we could have all snuggled in bed together. Wish we could have made you some greasy breakfast and yummy coffee. Wish we could have spent the whole day, lazing around. I would have even let you rent a shoot-em-up "guy" movie without a fight! Next year, and all the years after...

Happy Father's Day!

Sending you big hugs and kisses.


Anonymous said...

That's the best father's day present ever! Miss you so much. I Love you too! I hope to see you soon.


Anonymous said...

Oh, that's the sweetest thing. Hudson's ADORABLE! Ryan's DaDa is away this weekend as well. We all miss our Dadas.


Audrey said...

Awww that's too cute. How many times do you think Rob replayed that video, eh? Happy Father's Day Rob!

Shannon said...

Happy Father's Day Rob! The weeks seem to be flying by, but I bet they are long and drawn out for you 3. Graduation can't come soon enough! hang in there guys!