Sunday, June 21, 2009

Happy 70th Birthday Daddy!

It was so special to celebrate this milestone birthday with our entire family. We grew up all together...we saw each other regularly. Now, it's fun to see our own kids playing together.

I wish so much that I could live close to family. Special occasions seem so much more special when it's celebrated with family. We missed you Audrey!


Audrey said...

I miss all of you guys too. Every single day! I'm happy that you guys got to do cake together tonight. It really is a special milestone birthday. I was there in thought and spirit. Love you guys.

Chantal said...

Wow, a milestone. Happy Birthday to your dad! I am horrible at recognizing people. Probably Chris will know everyone in your pic. lol.

Your dad looks great! Beautiful family J!!

Shannon said...

Happy Birthday! What a fun week this has been for your dad!