Saturday, May 09, 2009



Hudson survived his first real bout of a stomach "thing". And by "thing", I mean violently throwing up and diarrhea. By the third day I got a little concerned and brought him into a clinic, and the Dr.'s diagnosis left me with my jaw dropped open...apparently his stomach "thing" was a result of an ear infection. Huh? He never complained of any pain in his ear. Never even touched his ear for a second. When the Dr. asked him if his ear hurt he clearly answered "Nope". Weird, but whatever...he's on antibiotics and whatever it is, it's on it's way out (lasted 5 painfully stressful days).

Also happier because I got my espresso maker prize and it really does make delicious's confusing to use. It made me miss my husband, who would have been the one to read the manual (I HATE MANUALS) and then teach me how to use the machine.

I'm happier because I finally bought the adapter that enables me to download pictures from my camera to my parent's computer. Now I will be able to post pictures of Hudson again...something that will delight Rob who's missing his son (and apparently me too!) like crazy.

Hudson overload...
Cool dude with a new haircut

Kung Fu Fighter (or more appropriately...Tae Kwon Do fighter)


"ah va fangul"
angelic facade

P.S. Happy Mother's Day to all the mamas who read this blog! Hope you enjoy some moments to yourselves!


Amanda said...

I remember the time when Ryan got his stomach "thing"...He threw up for 5 days and nights, not a pleasant experiance. Poor Hudson.
I love his new "do", very boyly and cute.

Happy mother's day to you as well..


Audrey said...

I love his new haircut. He looks so grown up! Jeesh it seems like yesterday that he was a baby and you and Rob were going out to watch your 1st movie out since he was born. And mom and me were looking after him. Remember? And mom got mad at me because she was doing all the work.haha

That doctor that prescribed the antibiotics for the ear infection is missing a few screws.

Anonymous said...

My Beautiful boy! I miss you guys so much! Can't wait to be with you again!
Love You!

Anonymous said...

I love you so much.
I told you.. you are king..

I love you all.


Shannon said...

Happy Mama's Day Joyce! Hope you get spoiled rotten and have the best latte from your new machine! I really like Hudson's haircut! He is a little boy now..not a baby! Hope he feels better soon!

Chantal said...

Aww.. love the last pic. So sweet. Glad you guys are settling in. I know about that ear thing. We had the same thing but not the same symptoms.. just lots of pain that Keira suffered that we thought would go away... I still feel guilty we didn't go to the clinic earlier...

Glad to hear he's on the mend! Don't worry, you'll be seeing Rob soon! Happy Mother's Day to you Joyce, hope you enjoyed it!

Cindy said...

Happy Mothers Day to you too! Sorry to hear about Hudson being sick. The first time T-man got sick he was puking for days on end, and then once he finally started to feel better he was afraid of eating cause he knew it would just come back up again. And it seemed everytime he puked it was all over me, never once on the hubby! The joys of motherhood :)