Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Happy Birthday!

Blogger once again has put my pictures in whatever order they wanted...so I'll just work with it.

One of the birthday boys. Bosco is 6 years old...already middle aged in dog years! He got some "Honey Glazed Duck" dog cookies as his gift. It doesn't really matter what flavor his cookies are anyway since he basically swallows them whole without actually tasting them. Goofy hound.

In desperate need of a hair cut. He's been mistaken for our "cute daughter" a few times this week.

Here's where the proper order of my pictures would have made more sense...but you all get the gist.

Blowing out the candles on Rob's Tiramisu.

Hudson wondering what Daddy is wishing for.


Anonymous said...

cute story and fun.


Anonymous said...

happy birthday!!!!


Chantal said...

Happy Birthday Rob! You are, let's see.. one two three, oh yes...9 years old! whoohoo! Celebrating with your peeps always the best way to go. Have a great one!

And Bosco, happy birthday to you too!

btw Joyce, you can rearrange your pics in blogger by copying and pasting them in the order you want.

Susan said...

Happy Belated Rob! Hope you had lots of smooches from your gang (including Bosco)...

p.s. So Joyce... have you been packing because it doesn't look like it from the pictures...

Audrey said...

Happy Birthday Rob!

Hudson is still cute but yes, he does need a haircut or else I will start calling you Celine.

Anonymous said...

Hey Joyce,

I just noticed that the wall of your fireplace looks like a different color in each photo.