Wednesday, October 15, 2008

I really really thought I was going to win

We bought a ticket for the "Answer to Cancer" lottery in Ottawa this year. You know the lotteries that give away a fully furnished dream home, car, cash, etc. etc? The draw was yesterday. I purposefully took my shower early, put on a full face of makeup, and got dressed (no p.j.'s all day for me). It was all just in case I won and they came with a camera crew to videotape my reaction to winning the grand prize. I wanted to look pretty winning my million dollar house.

They never came. They never called.

Rob thinks it's funny that I am honest to goodness disappointed.


Susan said...

Little Sister... I swear you need to have your own "Reality Life" show - you are too funny by just being your honest self!

p.s. How do you look today?

Shannon said...

I know EXACTLY how you feel! I lost out on the Foothills Lottery, and we spent tonnes of money on it. And you just know that the winner will not love and respect that house as much as you would have.

I feel your pain. I can't buy tickets for those hospital lotteries anymore because I get too emotionally involved in the prizes, and the let down is incredible when you don't win.

Did you at least get a weed whacker, or do you have to wait a week to see the prize winner list?

Jessica said...

Don't feel bad Joycie, my neighbour Ang is the only person I know who actually sends in all those mail Reader's Digest Sweepstakes because she truely believes Ed MacMahon will knock on her door,'re not alone.

Audrey said...

I just saw this post now. I thought you just emailed me about it. Now everybody knows that you are a little weird!