Monday, October 20, 2008

Helper Hudson

Hudson and Bosco helped us rake (and "unrake") some leaves over the weekend. The "help" probably made it take twice as long. But it was also probably twice the fun.


Shannon said...

That rake is so big for him! What a fun photo! Hope he got to jump in the pile after being such a big help to Mama.

Audrey said...

Hudson is so friggin cute. He is such a 'boy'!
And I thought what beautiful mums that Joyce has going on in her front yard until I realized it was 314!

Chantal said...

love love love the pic with Hudson and his cap on! Sooo cute!

Anonymous said...

I miss you all.
See you soon.

fun ottawa fall.


Anonymous said...

Weird, what are those orange and brown things? Our leaves are green here. hmmmm.... Interesting. Cute Hudson!

G :-P