Friday, October 03, 2008

5 Friday Random's

1. Bosco LOVES Hudson's Backyardigans blanket. He lies on it EVERY chance he gets.

2. I honestly think he's the cutest dog I've ever laid eyes on. Short legs and all.

3. Hudson and Bosco FIGHT over the Backyardigans blanket EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. Hudson will decide he doesn't want Bosco on his blanket, and start pulling it out from under him with all his might (FYI Bosco is triple Hudson's weight). Eventually Bosco will reluctuntanly get up, and Hudson wins the battle.

4. My parents surprised us with a visit. They treated us to a nice dinner out, and Hudson stuffed his face like he was starving. It probably just reinforced my mother's paranoia that I don't feed my son enough.

5. Hudson cried when they left this morning. I love that he loves them.


Kaili said...

Awww, your parents look so good. Your Mama looks SO purdy!

So cute that Mr. H love them so much!

Audrey said...

The Backyardigan blanket is kind of like the red skirt/hair in your house, eh? You used to tell me that I should just go and get another red skirt/hair. So I'm telling you that you should get another blanket for Bosco!

And it's so not fair that mom and dad surprise visit you guys and take you out for dinner!

Chantal said...

Soo cute! Love the pic of him with your parents..he looks so comfy on them. Like he knows he can do whatever and get whatever he wants. lol. As it should be with grandparents. ; )

Loove your dog. He really is a cutie.