Thursday, February 07, 2008

whew, i passed.

i officially passed the "mom" test.
my Hudson is so so sick with a bad cold.
coughing, runny nose, fever...feeling lousy all over.

and today, he coughed so much he puked.
and without hesitation...
i stuck my hand out under his mouth to catch it.
and i wasn't grossed out in the least.

i've officially passed the "mom" test.


Susan said...

You are too funny!
You forgot to mention your heroic task of giving Hudson a suppository which he tried to "squeeze" back out and then you squished back in...

Kaili said...

It's crazy how in the moment Mama's can do ANYTHING! YAY for passing the test!

Chantal Park said...

Ah... the things we do for our kids! lol. Are you sure you don't want to become a journalist? At least get your own column in a paper somewhere! You're fun to read!

Shannon said...

Poor little Hudson! Hope he feels better!

You're always a good Mama Joyce. Your son is adorable.