Wednesday, February 13, 2008

that was just a "pop quiz"...

okay...the hand under the mouth to catch my kid's throw-up was just a "pop quiz"...

the real "final exam" occured last night...

when he spewed the entire contents of his stomach all over me in the food court of the mall. all. over. me.

not only did i not freak out. i agreed to go into the petshop with puke soaked clothes, because Hudson pointed so determinately toward it. and Rob (who is a BIG softie when it comes to pleasing his sick, miserable, son), turned toward me and asked "Can you just wait a minute, while I take him in?" note: his clothes were dry and clean, but whatever.


Audrey said...

Yeah Mama Joyce. You passed the final exam with flying colors. How come you didn't mention how you had to even take your pants off in the car because it was covered in puke?

Susan said...

Yahoo! Joyce, you are too funny and getting more mature with these "Mommy" moments!
Hey Hudson, bring it on!

Anonymous said...


Yes, you have passed with flying colors but why is Hudson barfing so much?


Kaili said...

Hahaha! I swear I laugh at every one of your posts, now I need to figure out how to get you to post daily, so I can laugh all the time.
A+ in the Mama exam. Nice! Haha!

joyce said...

The germs are a flyin in our household! We have all been sick with a bad cold. Hudson still doesn't know how to "blow" his nose or spit out mucous, so he winds up coughing and gagging on his phlem, and as a result...he throws up. Knocking on wood...I think he's pretty much over it now. I guess you won't want us coming for a visit anytime soon, eh???

Anonymous said...

Nicho went to Daycare and you don`t even want to know what he came home with. Mike used to say that hospitals are cleaner than daycares. So, I know where you are coming from when it comes to germs!

You guys are welcome anytime. Sunday?

Poor Hudson. I hope you guys feel better soon.


joyce said...

Sunday sounds good! I'll call you tonight.

Sonia said...

Hey Joyce, have you tried this? I have it for Brandon and it really works! He is still not able to blow his nose and is always congested with HUGE boogers (and tons of runny mucous when he's sick). He's terrified of the noise of the vacuum, but will put up with it if I allow him to turn it on and off on his own. He knows I'm about to make him feel MUCH better with the babyvac, so he will allow me to do it even though he hates it. Do as they suggest and if you get it, let Hudson play with it on his own first while it's on and off.

Here's a nasty video of it in use:

And you can order it online from here, but the website is not currently working:

Congrats on passing both tests!!



Chantal Park said...

hahahaha! Ok, not THAT funny but still...ah..gotta love your kid huh? Maybe you should've treated yourself to a new shirt!!

btw, coco is my hubby's nickname!

Angella said...

Oh, the puke.

You are a great Momma. You do what needs to be done in a tough situation.