Monday, February 26, 2007

Random pictures

Hudson laughing with his Grandpa
Our new rug (on "trial" from the store)
Handsome Bosco (who by the way...thinks the new rug is HIS...he lied down on it as soon as Rob unrolled it)
Happy Hudson!


Susan said...

Yeah, I love seeing how Hudson keeps growing! He looks so aware of his surroundings and Bosco looks like a great guard dog!
Keep the camera on...


Audrey said...

Joyce, the pictures are awesome. Thanks. I just want to state for the record:

1) blue eyeshadow - check
2) persian rug - check
3) nursing till Hudson's 2 years old - most probably a check!

Anonymous said...

Hudson; when are you going to sing like your twin cousin?

Kaili said...

Cute! Great update!