Sunday, December 31, 2006

Happy New Year!

Hudson is starting off the New Year in his stylin' outfit...too bad we're staying at home!!! We were invited to ring in the new year at a 80's theme party at Rudy's tonight (sounds too fun!), but Rob's stuck working and the reality is I'll probably be asleep before midnight! Oh the joys of having a new born. I honestly am not complaining that I'm not going to a big party tonight...I can't wait to kiss my little boy smack on the lips and celebrate the end of 2006 and the start of 2007. He's made my year.


joyce said...

p.s. thank you Jan, Glen, and AKIKO AKIKO AKIKO for the shirt...forgive me for not reading the card and just ripping open the gift. (and Susan for his cute jeans)

Susan said...

Hudson, you ROCK!!!
Happy New Year!
Thanks for allowing Joyce to see the world through new eyes!!
lots of love to Joyce, Rob and Hudson (okay, you too Bosco!)

Romy said...

Hi Hudson!
Are you ever a cutie!!!
Happy New Year
Say hi to your daddy and mommy for me...and don't forget Bosco!
Love you couz.

Anonymous said...

Happy New Year Joyce and Rob and sweet Hudson! Joyce, it sounds like you had a pretty perfect little New Year's Party hangin' with your son. All the best in the new year!

Kaili said...

So Cute! I so DON'T like the last picture. YUCK! Happy New Year!
Thanks for the Christmas card and the adorable picture!

Jess said...

Pretty cute, he and Sawyer will definately be ladies men when they are older...we won't be able to go on vacation together because all the ladies will be following us around after our cute boys...

Anonymous said...

When you called and told me about not reading the card for some reason I thought..."so Joyce!" The shirt suits him perfectly. He's so cute! Rock on Hudson! =)

audrey said...

So that's the t-shirt that AKIKO got for Hudson! You're're working on 3 to 4 hours of sleep a day! He's so big boy looking in real clothes. And I think that's funny what Susan wrote about allowing you to see the world through new eyes. So true... you aren't obsessed about your highlights and stuff like that anymore. Now you are more interested in sleep. And I miss those days of hours and hours in front of the TV snuggling the girls. Enjoy it while it lasts because now I never get to watch my favorite show Oprah anymore.