Sunday, November 05, 2006

Surprise Visit!!!

I was expecting my mom, sister Susan, and Romy to come from Montreal for a visit today. I opened my front door to also find my oldest friend Nathalie there too! Amazing surprise, since I haven't seen her in forever! Then not too long after, the doorbell rings once again and it's Caroline, Serge, and baby Olivia (from Toronto...well they were first in Montreal, but still...)!!! My mother and sister started cooking up a storm in the kitchen, while I got to visit with my oldest and dearest friends! My dressed-down attire and pulled back hair is proof that I had NO IDEA that I was going to have visitors today...and also why there aren't more pictures posted on this blog...I look fat and greasy in most of the shots. Again, I didn't take any pictures with my sister (that always seems to happen for some reason), and I'm really disappointed about that. There are more pictures on her camera which I will post once she sends them to me. Even Bosco got spoiled today...Romy brought him treats AND my dad gave him a yummy bone. What could be better than pigging out, eating 3 different kinds of dessert, opening baby gifts, holding beautiful Olivia, and hanging out with good friends and family?!? Absolutely nothing...thanks guys...Rob and I had the perfect day today.

P.S. BIG kisses to my big sister and mom for cooking and cleaning everything...they are the greatest.


audrey said...

I was thinking of you guys all day long. I'm glad you were surprised and had a great time. That shirt looks so familiar :) And Olivia is soooooooo sweet looking. I know I say this every time I see a picture of Romy but she looks like she is growing up too fast.
And Joyce you look great too.

Susan said...

Yay! We were able to pull off the surprise! The way you sounded when you called me TWICE while we were driving to Ottawa "so like... where are you?" I was so sure that Christian had spilled the beans!
You & Rob looked fantastic and reassuringly, your belly is NOT as huge as your previous blog-pictures.
Try and relax as often as you can! And remember, try to make sure Baby stays in until Nov.19!!

Jessica said...

That's fun!!! Olivia sure looks like Caroline. I think your baby can come any day now, I'm getting too excited!!! Sleep and miss you.

Kaili said...

That was such an awesome surprise!!!
Audrey was so sad she couldn't be there. :(
I also love the shirt, makes me think of my big Jaia belly. :)
Glad you and Rob got to relax and enjoy together!

Kaili said...

Oh my goodness, I just realized, is that Baby the Baby that was in the belly of the Mama wearing that beautiful blue dress at HER baby shower months ago???? Oh my, is she ever cute, how time flys.

joyce said...

Yes my day would have been more complete with my other sister there too...but she chooses to live 3000 miles away!!! And Olivia is the baby of the mama in the blue dress...good memory!!!

Cindy said...

awww lucky you! I wish my family and friends would surprise me too.

Anonymous said...


I just wanted to wish you a Happy Happy Birthday! Enjoy your day and eat lots of yummy cake!

Love you lots and speak to you soon,


Cindy said...

Well Happy Birthday to you too! Hope you have a great day and get great presents. Now, we'll just wait and see if my husband even remembers to get me a present next week.

Shannon said...

Happy Birthday Joyce! I hope you have a wonderfully, relaxing birthday. All the best in the comming year....I know it will be a memorable one for you! All the best, Shannon