Saturday, November 11, 2006

Happy Birthday Crazy Jan!

Happy Birthday to my favorite...
  • butterfly chaser
  • historic train breaker
  • day dreamer
  • fellow no-willpower-er
  • bad influence
  • who laughs often and much

...doop up!!!

Hope you have a fun day lots, eat lots, drink lots...wish I was there to celebrate our birthdays together!


joyce said...

oh and i forgot...
~ blog-reader-but-doesn't-comment-er!!!

audrey said...

Happy Birthday Jan!

Anonymous said...

Ok fine so I'll comment this time...because it's my birthday! Thanks for the birthday wishes! I wish you were here. We could've spent your pre-baby days at Starbucks and comment on all the lovely people that walk by. Miss you lots and hope you had a great birthday too!


P.S. Thanks Audrey :)