Saturday, November 18, 2006


Quick quick post, as I have an insatiable little bugger who is going to want some boob soon...

he is sleeping with his grandpa right now (my dad has a knack for putting babies to sleep) so i thought i'd post some pictures of my little Hudson!

for those of you who didn't get the details from Rob...

Hudson Joshua was born Nov. 12th at 7:32pm at 6 pounds, 14 ounces (and what kind of mama would I be if I didn't brag that he scored a 9 on his Apgar test?)!!!

He's absolutely perfect...I will write more about the whole crazy labour later...I still feel like my body has been hit by a truck!


Romy said...

Hudson is just toooooo cute!!!
I can't wait to meet him in person!!!
Hopefully next Sunday if you don't feel too tired!!!

Congratulations Joyce!!
Love and miss you and your grown family!!

audrey said...

He's so adorable. I wish I was cuddling him right now instead of looking at pictures of him thru the internet. He's just so darn cute.

Shannon said...

Congratulations mommy and daddy on your new bundle of joy! Your son is handsome and adorable so sweet. We wish all three of you all the love and joy and happiness in the world!!

Shannon & Jeff

christy said...

YAY you did it. What a cutie! Congratulations. I can't wait to hear your crazy story. BTW I read a book about a guy named Hudson Taylor. Amazing guy. Great name.

Kaili said...

Yay!!!!! We were so thrilled to hear the news. You did soooooooooo good! What a strong woman and now Mama. Hudson is so sweet! I love the 3rd picture. Beautiful!!
Can't wait to hear the birth story from your prospective. :) Happy nursing...EVERY two hours! He sounds like a champ nurser. :)
Congrats to you both.

Elizabeth said...

Oh, he is so sweet. You now move into my mommy blogger category instead of "preggers bloggers" CONGRATULATIONS!!

Anonymous said...

Congrats Joyce and Rob! Hudson is so sweet looking. Enjoy the time with him..he will grow up so fast and will be walking around and calling you mamma before you know it (like mine does..sniff sniff).

BTW, here's a tip (if you haven't figured it out already). When you've opened his diaper to change it, quickly put a dry washcloth on top of his tinky winky (don't know what else to call it on an infant!). I may have just saved you a few golden showers and middle of the night clothing changes. I had my share of golden showers in the very beginning since I had a girl first and knew nothing about changing a boy. Of course once you're a pro, you'll spot the warning signs before it happens and lift up the front flap of the diaper to shield yourself!

Hope you are feeling normal soon,


Cindy said...

Oh my god! Congratulations! I dont check for one weekend and I miss this? He is so beautiful! I love the name Hudson BTW. I cant wait to hear the birth story.