Tuesday, June 06, 2006

My Hump...My Hump...My Lovely Baby Bump!!!

This is me at 16 weeks. It's really not the most flattering picture of my face, and my hair looks a little out of control, but I wanted to show off my growing tummy for those of you who have been asking! I had my first doctor's appointment (finally!) this week, and we got to hear the baby's heart beat for the first time. Our doctor said it sounded good and strong...so we were proud...we're going to be such goofy parents I think! Everything else was good too...my blood pressure, my weight, my measurements...all except my calcium intake. Rob was thrilled to hear the doctor tell me to start taking calcium supplements, since he's been bugging me about that for a while. This baby is a party pooper...making me give up Starbucks and junk food, and forcing me to drink milk and take crazy-huge vitamins that are so hard to swallow!!! My little, sweet, party-pooper Raspberry...


Shannon said...

I've never heard anyone call their baby a party pooper! LOVE IT! What is with pregnant women? You all look amazing! Just glowing! Congratulations Joyce! I have a feeling you'll be a great mum....you have a wicked sense of humor which is all that is needed!

Audrey said...

Hi Joyce, You grew since last week. You look terrific. Miss you and your big tummy.

The Jones' Family said...

Your tummy is so cute....O.K., you are like, 4 weeks or so ahead of me and my belly is double the size of yours...I'm blaming it on second pregnancy right now, as opposed to just being gigantic....you look great!

Anonymous said...

waaaa , what a differante of the generation gap.

I am so happy to see your big tummy. and your hair looks ok.

drink more milk and eat fresh cooked fish .

love mom

Dad said...

I can not say anything !!!
so funny.!!!

Keep your health all the time.

Take care !!!!

Cindy said...

Congratulations, you look wonderful and glowing! And I think your hair looks great too!

You could also make your husband take calcium pills along with you so you arent the only one having to swallow those massive horse pills! That's what I would do. But I'm mean.

Anonymous said...


I think you look great! Pregnancy looks good on you. And you even look nicer...just kidding.
Hope to see you and your tummy soon. BBQ season is here and I hope you guys find the time to drop by.