Sunday, June 04, 2006

Montreal + Monkeys = Memories!!!

My holidays flew by so fast! I took the week off to spend time with my family in Montreal since Audrey came for a visit all the way from BC with her monkeys. Add her two monkeys to my other sister Sue's three monkeys...and you get a VERY noisy, VERY crazy, but VERY fun time! In one week we had a birthday party for Romy, a birthday party for the twins, many yummy family dinners, BBQ's, went shopping downtown, just basically spent quality time as a big family again! And yes Audrey...your girls are super smart!!! I LOVED hearing them talk. To hear a just barely three year old say she has a "wedgy" and pull at her underwear was too funny/cute!!! Or Alex telling mom that her floors were "pretty dusty Halmoni". And the girls thinking the boys bedroom full of Bionicles and Spider Man toys was "too scary". Loved every crazy conversation and interaction!!! And I agree with Mom...why can't we all just pick ONE city to live in???


Shannon said...

Those photos are fantastic and it looks like you all are having way too much fun!

Kaili said...

Seeing them in the photos makes Robin and I miss than more!! And as much as we loving seeing them all the time I really think you guys should all move closer together. I am lucky enough to have that with my family and it's THE BEST!!!! I love the picture of you, Audrey, your Ma and Susan, you all look soooooo happy to just be hanging out together. So awesome!!!! Put more on if you have them.

Audrey said...

Hi Joyce
I love how you stole my picture of us four together. And after you made fun of me for toting that heavy camera around all afternoon. I had such a good time. Thanks again for taking the week off and spending it with us. We are leaving for Penticton tomorrow. I'll call you soon. Love you, Audrey

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