Sunday, May 21, 2006

Healthy Debates...who am I kidding...FIGHTS!!!

My coworker and I had a discussion about fighting with your significant other. A few people around quite proudly said they have never had anything more than an arguement with their wife/husband/girlfriend/boyfriend. Huh. Weird. I admitted having moments where my fists are clenched, my teeth are gritting, my eyes are narrowed, and where I choose the most hurtful words I can think of. Thank god someone else agreed, or I would have had one of those awkward moments where my lack of inhibition sometimes leads to uncomfortable silences and blank stares! Anyway, this discussion led me to almost pee my pants. Some fights (obviously only after the moment has passed) are friggin hilarious! My coworker said one of the biggest fights he had with his girlfriend was over him not wearing a jacket. They were in the movie theatre parking lot, getting out of the car, when he decided to take off his jacket and leave it in the car. She FLIPPED out. He was only wearing a short sleeve shirt, and it was winter...minus 1...not minus 30. Anyway, he argued that they were literally going from the car to the theatre (a 30 second run from one door to the other), and he didn't want a bulky jacket around him in his theatre seat. She said she didn't want to be a participant to him getting sick. He retorted by saying it was his own choice to possibly compromise his health by not wearing a jacket in the cold weather for 30 seconds. This led to a full-on fight. She left in a huff, catching a cab home, and he let her leave. Ha ha ha, I loved it. I'm sorry, but that is ridiculous...but so real. And I can relate. Rob and I seriously fought once about Q-tips. We were having breakfast at IHOP, and writing a list of things we had to do for the day. I told him to put down that we needed to buy a box of Q-tips. To which he answered "I think we still have almost a whole box". I told him we were almost out, and he was ademant that we weren't. OH MY GOD did this infuriate me. I seriously use Q-tips every single day...clean my ears when I get out of the shower, and use them to remove my mascara at the end of each night. He uses Q-tips maybe once in a blue moon to clean his ears. I got mad...really mad. Until I saw the next item he wrote on the list. Banas. Then I laughed, and pointed out his spelling mistake on Bananas. Okay I was a psycho-PMS moment. Like the time I called him (cover your eyes Romy) a "f_cking a_ _ hole" for not accepting the free Krispy Kreme donut that they offered us as they were coming off the "donut-line" hot 'n fresh as they could possibly be!!! I would have LOVED to have a second sweet glazed donut, instead my husband politely told the person "no thanks". Actually...even now...I don't think I overreated...who says no to free Krispy Kreme?!? ; )


Anonymous said...

Hi Joyce!!!!!
I covered my eyes but I don`t know why????

I like the pictures of the 2 tigers!

Love Romy

Audrey said...

Joyce, you are too hilarious. I think the hot temper runs in our family. I'm glad that you can laugh about those things now. How about that time that you slipped while you were curling your eyelashes and pulled out all your lashes. hahahaha we were all laughing at you and you were so MAD.

Kaili said...

You pulled out all your lashes???OUCH!!!hehe!
YES you can have a midwife and a Doctor, I have heard of people doing such a thing. Also you can have a Midwife in a hospital. Which I think is the next best thing to having a Midwife with you at home. Just cause Midwifes are more educated about birth. Anyways I don't know how it all works in your area, but I have heard of couples having both. Sometimes the Doctor gets ticked though, so maybe look into it. Call around, see what options you and Rob have, interview some midwives and doctors. Get to know what would make you both most comfortable and go with that.

Laura said...

Hahaha... Joyce, you just made me laugh my ass off. It's funny, but it's true. It's the little stuff that drives you mental! Like toast crumbs in the margarine tub... aaah!

Cindy said...

HAhahaha That is pretty funny. Fighting over qtips. My husband and I once got into a fight over something so ridiculous I don't even remember what it was but I was peeling potatos and he backed slowly away from me because he thought I might stab him. I wouldn't have obviously, but I sure wanted to.

And you are more than welcome any time to comment on my blog! I love discovering new blogs by new people who come to mine. And thank you for saying I'm funny. I think so but...jk

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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