Friday, May 19, 2006


We got our new couches delivered today...these are the ones that we ordered back in February. We were told by The Brick that the reason it took so long was that the couches had to be made in China and then shipped here (we were joking that the 6 year old Chinese factory workers did an excellent job making our furniture...yes I know...very poor taste joke). Anyway, I LOVE them!!! The sleek, brown leather looks sexy and modern...but now...everything else in the room looks wrong! It seems that now I wait...I guess "want" would be a better description...a new armoire...a new area side lamp ottoman/coffee table...the list goes on. Seriously, our current $19 laminate Ikea side tables just don't go with our new sofa-set. Neither does our area rug, which is way too small. For as long as I can remember I have had an obession for a magazine-worthy looking house. While most girls my age would buy Fashion magazines, I would prefer Home Decor ones. Rob got me a subscription to "House and Home" and "Style at Home" magazines for my birthday, and I get so excited every month when a new magazine arrives. Anyway, I guess the same way girls compare themselves with the unrealistic, airbrushed models in the fashion magazines, I am doing the same thing with my ideals for the perfect living room! But...who IS garage sale season...what are the chances that someone is selling an antique, wood, armoire big enough to house a 32" TV for $100 or less?!?


Audrey said...

HI Joyce. I can't wait to see your new living room. And the whole house. You will slowly accumulate all the house furniture you want. But with a baby on the way...your wants may change.

Anonymous said...

Hi Joyce!!!!
Could you please update your blog cause I check it like everyday!!!!
Could you also put more pictures in your blog please!

Love Romy

Kaili said...

I love Romy's comment, so direct! Hehe!
Romy should have a blog!!!
I totoally get the whole thing about once you buy some new furniture that you want more and more, cause everything else looks silly beside it. Good luck with getting all the other stuff, slowly but surely it'll look like it's out of a magazine.

Anonymous said...

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