Tuesday, March 15, 2011

10 Absolutely Random Facts From My Life On This Day

1. Hudson asked me a while back why we always take the highway...and never the low-way.

2. The Kitty House is still far from being habitable.

3. Devin is apparently getting all of his teeth at the same time, and is taking it out on my boobs. Toe-curling pain, I tell ya.

4. I've neglected this blog because I am obsessed with browsing for junk previously loved mechandise on kijiji

5. I didn't have to zip up my jacket today...YAY Spring is coming, I can feel it!

6. Got an encouraging email from an old friend on Facebook that made my day a little brighter.

7. My oldest friend is getting married this summer and I can't wait to celebrate with her!

8. I never thought I'd say this sentence...but I LOVE the toilet we just bought.

9. Every change of season, for the last 10 years, makes me want to perm my hair for some reason. And I'm always too chicken to actually go through with it. Advice?

10. I'm craving a poutine.


Audrey said...

Go get a poutine then!!!!
It's a good thing that Devin's getting his teeth all at once......rather than dragging it out over months. Non?
Is it 'N' that's getting married?
Don't go to a Korean salon to get the perm whatever you do. The lady might go to sleep while the buzzer rings. hahahaha

ChantaleP said...

I haven't touched a poutine in over 15 years. I ate one every day at school for 5 years. blech. I can't do the kijiji.. you might enter and never find your way out again. lol!
Kids say the darndest things! I love it..

As for the perm.. I tried it once. It went horribly wrong. Just curl your hair instead!

Anonymous said...

I love reading your posts. I love you so much.
I can't deal with another bad haircut...

Shannon said...

New York Fries is selling some meat poutine thing and I keep hearing the ad on the radio and have wanted one too!

#8 is funny. Weird what turns your crank as ya get older.