Friday, August 13, 2010

Joyce the Spaz

Have you ever wondered why you sometimes see a single shoe lying in the middle of the road? I used to. I used to wonder how and why it got there.

I can now answer that question.

Because much to my husband's dismay...I'm kinda spazzy. I think sometimes he likes it about me. And sometimes he really doesn't.

Rob was about to leave the house to run some errands, when I invited myself and our two boys to tag along. He had one foot out the door, when I told him to wait one minute so we could get ready and keep him company. know how long it takes to get two little boys ready, right? NOT one minute. It takes several minutes. You have to make sure they've peed (in Devin's case, make sure his diaper is clean). You have to make sure you've got extra diapers, wipes, clothes, toys...etc to bring with you just in case. You have to wipe their mouths clean of dried bits of food so they don't look redneck. All this preparing takes about 20 minutes. That's 19 minutes longer than you've told your husband. 19 minutes is longer than your husband wants to wait.

So he was already kinda grumbly when we eventually left the house. we're driving along...a bug flies into our car. Remember how I don't like bugs? I spazzily remove my shoe and try to shoo the bug out the window. And because I'm acting like a spaz...I flung my shoe right out! Then I had to turn to my already grumbling husband, and tell him I just dropped my shoe out the window. Oh fun times. He's so not impressed. And Hudson is in the back, repeatedly asking why I've thrown my shoe out the window. So grumbling husband had to pull over the car...motion for the cars behind us to pass us...and I had to run into the road, with one bare foot, to retrieve my lost shoe.

When I got back into the car, I can't help but smile at how ridiculous I am most of the time. I ask Rob if he thinks it's a little bit funny. He doesn't at all at that particular moment. I have to bite my cheeks from laughing.

He reluctantly admits it's kinda funny later in the day.

Just another story to add to my repetoire.


Jessica said...

OK.....and I'm not even joking....WHY ARE YOU NOT A COLUMNIST/WRITER/SOMETHING TO DO WITH THAT? You are seriously the funniest story writer I FREAKIN' kill me. My mom and I are crying we are laughing so hard here...if it makes you feel better, we thought it was hilarious....oh, you are so my best friend...I Freakin" love you! That story made my day!

Audrey said...

You had already told me that story on the phone and I'm still laughing now reading this post. You should have a reality show.

Kaili said...

I would SO watch your reality show! SO funny!

Anonymous said...

You need to write a book! I would so buy that. I could help you remember a few stories like the time we were at Annie's and you were dancing in that cute baby doll dress!


Sonia said...'re funny!

Chantale said...

LMAO!!! Joyce, you are hilarious! hehehehahahah, was sitting here with Keira reading this and burst out laughing.. and she wanted to know what was so funny.. haha! Ah man.. your kids are going to have so much to remember about you... : )

Shannon said...

Ah yes, I've always wondered about the single shoe on the road. Thanks for clearing that one up.