Monday, July 19, 2010

Devin's 1st meal!

Are those the chubbiest cheeks, or what?!?

I can do this all by myself

Still...nothing beats his thumb!

He's been wanting to eat real food for over a month now. He would stare, reach, make chewing motions...etc. whenever we'd have something to eat. The other day he actually grabbed my bowl of stew and pulled it so forcefully that it dumped all over my lap.

Well...I know he's a couple weeks shy of being 6 months (when all the experts say you should wait until starting solids), but we let him have his first delicious meal of rice cereal!

It was a success! Not surprisingly he loved it! He wanted more more more. And even grabbed the spoon from me and shoved it into his own mouth.

He's all growed up!


Chantale said...

Aw!!! Talk about an appetite! And yes! Those are the chubbiest cheeks evah! lol. Wonder what's next on the menu for him?? Cheeseburger with the works! ;p

Audrey said...

Sooooo chubby! Did Hudson take some of the pictures? He's only in one of them!

Shannon said...

How exciting, but how sad for you!!! He's now a big boy...WAAHHHHHH!

He really is disgustingly adorable and chubby and scrumptious.

And I love his hair. He's beautiful and should be the Nestle Rice Cereal baby.

Sonia said...

Lovely chubby cheeks he has!

Wow, time really has flown by..he's eating rice cereal..soon he'll be walking and then running!

Shannon said...

Hey Joyce...sure I'll make you an apron when you move into the newly reno'd house. Only thing is, when people ask about it, you direct them to our website (still not up and running yet) deal?

We're doing a lot of retro aprons, so let me know if you want full or half, fave colour and whether it should be "daddy approved." ha ha

And finally, you actually have to WEAR it! Don't just throw it in a cupboard like your sister does. They are washable.