Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Curses and Spells

My sister in law put it perfectly...

somebody has a voodoo doll of us...

and somewhere, out there, they are laughing wickedly as they keep poking us with pointy needles.

Rob's recent employer has filed for bankruptcy protection. Paycheques are bouncing. People are not showing up for work, fearing that they are working for "free". Rob is working MORE hours to make up for it. And believe me, we are in no position for him to be working for FREE.

If the person holding the little dolls shaped like me and Rob is reading this...please cast your spells elsewhere.


Chantale said...

Oh no!!!!! Joyce, I feel so badly for you guys! Just when I thought things were going so well lately. Please tell Rob to stop working double time and just invest his energy into finding something else. Oh man, I wish I knew of a job opening somewhere.. I'll keep my eyes and ears open. You know, when one door closes... I know! I know! Cliche but I really do believe in it.
Hang in there Joyce!

Sonia said...

Aw crappers. So sorry you are being put through this Joyce and Rob. It is definitely time to get off the ride and give someone else a turn, eh?

I agree with Chantale. Rob should work the regular hours (no overtime) and try to find work elsewhere if time permits.

Someday, hopefully soon, you'll be in a happy spot and the two of you will look back on this time and be happy that you got through it together.

Life has lots of trials and tribulations...you've definitely had your share, so I'm hoping that means only good times ahead for your family.

Kaili said...

I saw Rob's status and was hoping he didn't mean HIS employer. CRAP! They better pay up. Does this mean he's out of the job soon too?

Maybe you guys should make a voo doo doll of the "whomever" it is whose got one of you. Might make you feel better to stab it with pins when the shit hits the fan!

Here's to hoping EVERYTHING gets better rather then worse. Snuggle those boys! LOTS!

Audrey said...

Hey Sister,
Sorry for making you feel even lousier this afternoon. Love you. Mean it.
Do you think you can email me one more pic of Hudson and Devin together?

Anonymous said...

Just to put everyone's fears to rest and I don't think I gave Joyce all the information. I work security for McGill university and they contract out this service to a company call CBIA. This company has filed for bankruptcy protection. If they don't get their act together McGill will terminate the contract and bring in someone else who would be obligated to keep all the current employees and recognize their service and seniority. I won't loose my job and things will stay the same, I will just have another employer. I feel bad that I caused Joyce even more stress than what we already have. I'm sorry Baby, I love you and remember that it will work out. It's been tougher than I ever thought life could be but we have a lot to be gratefull for. Just think about Devin's smiles and Hudson's hugs and kisses and remember the story I mentioned to you about the child I treated at work. I love you with all my heart!