Thursday, April 08, 2010

Springtime Update

It's my favorite time of year in Quebec...sugaring off! Nothing tops meals smothered in real maple syrup!

Our somewhat disasterous Easter Egg decorating...let's just say we had more broken eggs in our basket than non-broken ones. Oh well...still fun nevertheless.

Enjoying the summer weather in Old Montreal last weekend

Old Montreal was PACKED with sun worshippers.

Note the "Lego" condos in the background. Whenever we used to drive by those when I was younger, I knew it meant we were close to La Ronde (amusement park).

Devin basking in the sun...toes and all

I look terrible in this picture, but I had to post it anyway...look at Devin trying to nurse through my shirt. So funny.

A video request from his Auntie Audrey.


Anonymous said...

Love you guys.

Audrey said...

That was the best post in a long time. Loved the video of Devin. So chubby and innocent and why does he always look hungry? Hudson looks like a big kid now. A cute BIG kid! And it really looks like summertime over there in Montreal. Crazy!
You look so awesome sister. How come you lose the baby weight after just 2 months? So not fair!
I just realized looking at your pics that Romy is the only 'girl' grandkid out east. As opposed to 4 boy grandkids out there. Again, crazy!
And Victor and Edouard look way too mature now with their stylish haircuts. And Romy looks beautiful as always. Miss you and love you guys.

Chantale said...

Great pics! Hey, all the kids have the side-swept bangs happenin! Very cool. Wow Hudson, how's he's grown! Keep meaning to drop by and visit you guys. See the newbie on the block (i.e. Devin) lol.
Looks like you guys had a great Easter!

Shannon said...

I can't believe you are wearing a tank top in April! And you look great hot Mama. Devin is so adorable. Hudson is so big and cute. Crazy it wasn't that long ago he was as tiny as Devin.

Kaili said...

I totally agree with Audrey, GREAT post! Hudson looks BIG! And Devin is SO sweet! Love the video!