Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Snow Day in April

We seriously went from wearing flipflops one day, to wearing winter boots the next!!! Crazy.

We stayed in and looked for things to amuse ourselves with...

My Turtle in his shell

Self portrait of snuggling my Sweetie-Pie

He's really the sweetest, smiliest baby ever.

My three sons hanging out, doing their own thing.
Life's good.


Shannon said...

We're experiencing a snowstorm as well! Crazy. Hudson cracks me up. What is it with little boys and laundry baskets? That little Devin is one chubber! OOOHHHHH I need to squeeze those legs and cheeks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11

Audrey said...

Hudson is gorgeous. He has such a beautiful face. And I too want to squeeze Devin's chubby legs. He is super duper cute! Mom's going to freak at the '3 sons' pic. haha

Audrey said...

BTW how could you have been suspicious of that angelic face? What could he have possibly fed Devin?

Sonia said...

Adorable sons you have there. I love how all 3 are sitting together enjoying the sunshine.