Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Some of our oldest family friends came for a visit yesterday. We all got a chance to snuggle baby Ethan (10 months). He particularly loved my dad...kept smiling and laughing whenever he looked in his direction. It was such a nice afternoon.

Me looking like a tub-o-lard.

Mrs. Kim and her pride and joy.

Ethan and Hadaboji (I can't believe how much Ethan looks like his mama)

My mom and her surrogate daughters.

And for Rob who has been waiting for an update on his son:

It really was an Iced Tea. And I know it's not the healthiest lunch, but it was all Baby Khang Khang's idea. Note: "Baby Khang Khang" is the name Hudson has given the baby. I keep telling Hudson I don't like the name, but he INSISTS that is the baby's name. And he also insists that the baby is a BOY. We'll see...


Chantal said...

Wow, he does really look like Sylvia! Are you guys cousins? Wait, aren't they cousins with Julia Tchoi? I'm getting all confused here with my korean families. lol.
Girl, you are looking fabulous! I love baby khang-khang name. So very Genghis Khan. heehee

Audrey said...

Ethan does look like Sylvie... A LOT! So cute. You look good too Joyce. It looks like so much fun to have all three of the Kim sisters there together. Even Sophie is there. Is she visiting right now? Fun.

Susan said...

Awww... no fair! While I`m racking my brains & patience with the K.people you get to have fun with Mrs. Kim, her beautiful clan AND eat delicious cake!

Sonia said...

You look beautiful Joyce..don't be silly!

Anonymous said...

I don't like it when you say that stuff about yourself; your beautiful1

If someone else said that about you they would be hurting. Right quick!