Monday, July 20, 2009

Old Family Friends

I got to spend an afternoon with some old family friends. We've known each other since we were little...we used to play together while our parents hung-out. Now WE'RE the parents, and OUR kids are playing. Weird. But cool.

My sister


Everyone in the pool

Beautiful Keira

Keira and "le petit gars" (as she called him)

It was super fun catching up in real life, as opposed to just via blogs and Facebook. Once again, thanks Romy for babysitting and letting us old mama's gab all afternoon!


Chantal said...

haha! P'tit gars.. don't forget the little hand movement she does too. Just to accentuate the "p'tit" part. We had an amazing time! Was so great to see everyone and the kids. Hudson is sooo cute in person! What a sweetie, and so articulate.

A humungous thx to Romy! She's gorgeous & sweet. No one has aged an inch! lol. You all look great!

Audrey said...

It's true. Everyone looks exactly like they did when we were kids. I so wish that I could have been there too. Romy would have really had her hands full then!

Thanks for all the pictures Joyce. Loved them.
Keira's bathing suit is super stylin. So is Hudson's, he is adorable in that floating suit.