Thursday, May 21, 2009

Things I learned today...

1. Offering Smarties as incentive to use the "potty" makes Hudson have to pee often.
2. Baby Benadryl makes Hudson sleep loooong...he got some kind of allergic reaction to who knows what, and has been napping for almost 4 hours.
3. I relied on Rob for a lot of things like putting gas in the car, replacing batteries in things, reminding me to pay bills, changing light bulbs...etc. In his absence, I all of a sudden have to be the responsible one...Lord help us, we may be in trouble.
4. I, more often than not, forget where I parked the car when I go shopping...and today I even tried to get into the wrong car!!! It wasn't even the same make or model as mine...but in my defence it WAS the same color.
5. A little boy at the park was pointing and laughing at something, and I kept looking around to see what he was laughing at...and it turned out...he was pointing and laughing at ME!!! He thought my very holey jeans were hilarious. My mother and the little boy's mother couldn't stop laughing either.


Anonymous said...

My Baby,

Go buy yourself some jeans! Your butt will good in anything - holes or not. Hope your both well, I miss you so much.

Audrey said...

Joyce, you are too hilarious. Which jeans are you talking about? Have I ever seen them?
Also I can just picture you wondering why the door won't open on the car!
Way to go Hudson! I used to give 1 smartie for no. 1 in the potty and 2 smarties for no. 2.

Shannon said...

#4 is hilarious. Good to know about the Benadryl....:)

Chantal said...

Incentives really work with Hudson? Go for it then! haha! Holey jeans seem to be "in" now...keep em. lol.

Cindy said...

I use glossette raisins to bribe T. Whatever works... but he certainly plays it up. He'll sit on the potty and then point to where the treats are saying please. I have also done the car thing. I cheat now and make my car honk to lead me to it. I spend much less time wandering around parking lots.