Wednesday, December 10, 2008

So NOT going to be a tradition

I have never ever decorated a gingerbread house before. This was not a holiday tradition in my house. I totally wanted to do it this year. I bought two kits, and had envisioned inviting our neighbours over (with their daughter who is a little younger than Hudson) to decorate one with us. I thought the adults could sip on something alcohol-y and the kids could sip on something festive like hot chocolate or eggnog. (Note: we have never invited them over before, or vice versa...actually we have never had a conversation lasting more than 5 minutes, but that's besides the point).

To make a long story short.

I never invited the neighbours over. And this morning, as I was going stir-crazy at home with a sick toddler and no car, I thought making the gingerbread house would be the perfect activity to pass the time.

I laughed that there was a 7 page pamphlet with detailed instructions on how to build it. It was a ready-made-kit for heaven's sake...mix the icing, glue the house together and stick candy on, right? The instructions, and I quote, said to join the side walls to the peaked walls and let dry one hour. LET DRY ONE HOUR??? And then the next step was to attach the roof panels. And then let house dry 2-3 hours before further decorating. LET DRY 2-3 HOURS MORE??? This was the most absurd thing I have ever heard in my entire life. That is a total of 4 hours of drying time.

I didn't follow the 7 page instruction manual.

I didn't wait the 4 hours.

I glued ALL the pieces of the kit together, held them in place for a few minutes, while yelling at Hudson to STOP licking all the gross-nasty-sweet-as-pure-sugar-icing, and yelling at Bosco to STOP whining and no he wasn't going to get any gingerbread...and eventually made my son bawl his eyes out (has any other mother out there made their kids CRY while decorating a gingerbread't think so). And so, feeling really guilty for taking my "gingerbread-house-frustrations" out on Hudson, I stopped holding the house together, figuring that it was 'dry enough' for him to decorate...yay the fun part! I pryed open the sealed candy packages, only to have tiny little candy balls go flying Bosco's delight, as he started going mental trying to inhale them as fast as he could before his rotten mama could stop him. And Hudson squealing and pushing more of the candy off the table because it's so much fun to see Bosco snorting up candy like a maniac. This was the total opposite of what I thought decorating gingerbread houses would be like. I'm so glad I didn't invite the neighbours over to witness that fiasco.

And the waiting 4 hours for the house to dry. There's a reason for it.

Our house fell apart while we decorated it. And I left it like that. And now...a few hours's rock hard in that same lop-sided position.

Lesson learned. Follow instructions. Not that I plan on making the other one. I'm going to try to return it and get my $8.99 back.

Who cares what it looks like, it tastes good!

Don't mind the mismatched clothes...he's sick...all I cared about this morning while dressing him was that he was warm and cozy.

Our open-concept Gingerbread house. Yes that would be the side panel fallen over, and both roof panels slid down.

It dried like this. Hudson proudly showed it to Rob when he got home.

I think Bosco might get some, after all.


Anonymous said...

Good work!! Joyce
It.s fun story.
Anyhow today weather is so miserable.
here all day is wet and icing.
miss hudson a lot.

take care ,
I love you.


Shannon said...

Call Mike Holmes! Your contractor needs to "Make It Right!"

ha ha. Funny story Joyce. I think Hudson did a great job decorating! He should be proud and kudos to Bosco for keeping the floor clean.

I did laugh at how you didn't like it when Hudson ate the sweet icing. You remind me of someone I know....who could that be Audrey?

Audrey said...

Good job Hudson! I like where you placed the candy on the roof. Maybe Aunty Shannon and Uncle Jeff can come over to your house sometime to make a proper Gingerbread house since I don't know how to make one either.

love rachel

Susan said...

Ahh my funny little sister... so who do you think should play `you` when they make you into a sitcom?

Sonia said...

Hee hee...we just made our first gingerbread house too and it looks similar to yours (minus the "open concept" roof).

I think it depends on the type of kit you buy because ours was really easy to put together and didn't say to wait for drying time..maybe because the icing was on the thick goopy side.

Anyways, you did good Joyce..really!

Shannon said...

Sonia has a point...could be the kit. The Costco kits are thick and goopy, although there is some wait time, but not 6 hours.

Chantal said...

good grief, the agony! lol. although, doesn't look so bad. i would have eaten the candy before even attempting to do the house part. :P

Kaili said...

A glue gun! We do build one every year, sometimes we use a glue gun to hold it together then just decorate it after that.
Hilarious story!
I we have had a bunch of crazy mornings like that around here lately. I think our boys are going crazy NOT being outside more! Darn winter!