Friday, December 26, 2008

Merry Christmas

Nanny and Bob with their grandsons

Ro, Ew, Kuh, Ro's dad, and Ed

Playing Wii with Kuh

Ham and Haj playing with their Christmas gift (massager)

Hugging his new Bert and Ernie dolls from Alex, Rachel and Sophia

Opening presents

Halmoni and Hadaboji with their grandkids

Melting icicles in the fire

Sisters outside Santa's home, Audrey we really missed you

** This Christmas was really weird...Hudson and I were in a pretty serious car accident at the beginning of the week. I think it warrents it's own post at a later date. **


Shannon said...

A car accident? Good grief! Are you guys ok? Well, you look ok, but maybe really sore still. Hope you get lots of recovery rest.

You had a house full Joyce! Good for you! Looks like a fun Christmas! Hope Hudson had a blast.

Audrey said...

Thanks for all the picture updates. I loved seeing everyone healthy and happy. I see that Ernie was found, eh? Have a safe drive back to Ottawa.

joyce said...

Ernie was found, but now he's missing again. We couldn't find him after the accident. I think he may still be in the car.

Kaili said...

Audrey told us about your accident today. I started crying thinking about the fear that must have taken you over! HOLY MOLY! We are SO happy you are both okay!

Your parents look SO happy in those pictures! Too bad Audrey and them couldn't be there too!

Anonymous said...

we are home safe.