Thursday, December 04, 2008

Footed P.J.'s by the Tree...

What could be cozier than that?

The look he gave me when I asked him to smile. Stinker.

I said "smile" Hudson.

Time for some props to help capture a smile.

It worked! Although he still looks like a stinker.

Nothing's more sweet than striped, footed pajamas.


Shannon said...

Those PJ's are so cute!! I had those when I was a kid with the crappy plastic feet. Hated them. However, Hudson's looks cosy warm.

Anonymous said...

Lovely cute hudson!!!
you looks great, hudson !!!
I love you all

Grandfa with love.

Susan said...

Hudson sure is a cutie; so how you dealing with the `attitude`?

Anonymous said...

Hudson looks like such a big boy now! I love the PJs.


Kaili said...

It looks like all your gifts are already open!

Audrey said...

I just noticed this post. Jeesh, eh? Hudson sure does look warm and cozy. And I love the snowman stuffed animal. Your tree looks gorgeous too. So much fun.