Thursday, November 20, 2008

5 Random's

1. We still haven't picked up the pile of leaves we raked together as a family a month ago (now the leaves are all frozen together...I cringe when I think of what the rotten grass underneath it must look like).

2. I have slowly started bringing out the Christmas decorations. Hudson loves all the ones I think are the tackiest. The ones that light up in bright colors and play obnoxious music. Gone are the days of elegant looking white lights and red bows...hello dancing snowmen and multicolored flickering lights.

3. We went to our library Storytime today, and Hudson was the only kid clinging to his mama's leg (in between clapping and acting out songs and stories). I must make it a point to force him to be around more kids his age. Ro(12yrs), Kuh(10yrs), and Ed(8yrs) are not supposed to be his best friends.

4. Bosco's nose is incredible. He went from lazily snoozing on his bed, to barking like a maniac at the backdoor like an attack dog in 0.5 seconds. When we went to investigate, there in our backyard was a little bunny (he smelled it despite the fact that all our windows and doors were shut tight). Although Bosco is not a pure bred Basset Hound, he "tracks" scents like a pro.

5. I need a haircut, dye job, some new shoes, to change the nail polish on my toes, to get more sleep and to floss my teeth. There just never seems to be any time for me anymore. I feel neglected.


Anonymous said...

I miss you already.

I love you.


Audrey said...

1) Your neighbors must not like you guys very much. Its a good thing that you can decorate good pumpkins and have a cute kid to make up for it.
2) The ornaments on your tree are going to slowly change homemade crafts that look 'not polished' but are going to become your favorites.
3) Hudson will grow out of the clingy stage. Don't worry.
4) Bosco should not go over to Susan's then. Has he already? What does he do with Charlie?
5) You HAVE to take time to take care of you! I'm slowly trying to do that. Just so I don't have crazy bad mood moments at the end of the day. It hasn't really worked that well for me yet.

Have a GREAT day!

Susan said...

1) So you're just "posers" for a camera...
2) Ever since the kids started "helping" me decorate the tree, I lose one ornament-a-year to accidents
3) Keep going to the library; it'll get him used to seeing other munchkins AND it'll make Mom so proud!
4) Bosco apparently goes crazy if any clothes from my house has been in contact with Charlie
5) After 12 years, I have yet to get any ME time... what does that feel like Audrey?

Anonymous said...

1)At least you don't have the fenced in dog-run on the side of your house no one goes to EVER, so the poop accumulation can get pretty nasty if you don't hound your husband to do it
2)Lose the Martha tree dream - it is gone forever
3)Put him in other activities besides story time - I can't see bountiful moments of interaction there
4)At least your dog hasn't taken your kids college fund - where's my $7.00, by the way
5)I obviously need me time as I really sem bitter in a couple of these, huh?

Kaili said...

After reading these comments I think the biggest problem is that you and Susan need a sister day! Go do it! DO it! Get out, do girlie things, do lunch, go to the spa, go shopping! do it! NOOOOOOOOOOOW!

And also I completely agree with Audrey's #2! Our tree looks like a joke to anyone who is outside of our family! I love it!

Chantal said...
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Chantal said...

Believe Audrey when she says that Hudson will grow out of his "clingy" phase. Just be glad that he has that censorship within and not so open as to go up to any stranger and walk away with them. Trrrrust me, you don't want that!

And I agree with Kaili, go out for a sister day! Gone are the days of fighting and bickering of the dumbest things with your sis. Now it's fun fun and fun! Make the time to spoil yourselves, cuz trust me, no one else will.

Anonymous said...

Hudson is probably remembering the costume debacle at story time.