Friday, October 31, 2008

Our little Stinker Skunk

Our little Skunk in action

His backside was just as cute as his frontside

The Skunk, the Witch, and the Pumpkin

Dad holding a real little Stinker (really...the Stinker had the meltdown of all meltdowns minutes before trick or treating)

Getting the pumpkins ready

He stared in amazement as his buddies came to life as I painted them...if he didn't think his mom was cool before...he does now!

It was a fun fun night! Hudson LOVED trick-or-treating...maybe a little too much, as he started eagerly grabbing handfuls of candy from people who just held out their bowls to him. Our actual street was very slow with kids...but a neighbouring street was busy with trick-or-treaters. We all had a blast, we all ate some good junk, and we all are pretty pooped from the action.


Audrey said...

Holy Moly! Those are the BEST pumpkins I ever saw. Really, I mean it. I LOVE them. Very artistic Sister!

And the stinker is super cute. I love the backside just as much too. SOOOOO ADORABLE! So he caught on pretty fast that Halloween is sweet, eh? Looks like lots of fun.

Anonymous said...

yes. best pumpkins.
who made those, Joyce ^^
I love pictures...
really cute.

I love you all.

Shannon said...

I agree with Audrey...those pumpkins are fantastic! Good job Mama! You are 'da bomb' in Hudson's eyes! I LOVE that he was a skunk as you always call him a little stinker. What a great costume. Your costume is great as well! Looks like you had a blast, and best of all...your snow all melted!