Thursday, September 04, 2008

a place for everything, and everything in it's place

Things I've mysteriously found around the house:

  • alphabet fridge magnets in the dishwasher soap dispenser

  • our oven mitts in the garbage

  • a diaper floating in the toilet

  • 5 full toilet paper rolls under the dining room table

  • Bosco's knawed bone in the trunk of Hudson's ride-on "car"

life with kids = never a spotless house


Chantal said...

ooh! diaper floating in the toilet...perhaps a sign? hehehe, just wait til you turn down your kid's comforter. Surprise surprise...

Audrey said...

Oven mitts in garbage? Hudson! Does these things jump out at you? Good thing you aren't sleep deprived anymore or else you could miss these things.

Kaili said...

Where are you when he is hiding all this stuff? Flirting with the Home Depot guy? Geesh!

Susan said...

I'm with Kaili... where exactly are you? Hudson loves following you around so how dare he sneak off and make mayhem. I wonder what he'll "re-place" for you next? Maybe your bra?!

Shannon said...

That's cute. Such a little explorer.