Sunday, July 13, 2008

Weekend Sleepover!

We had such a FUN (and LOUD...4 kids can make A LOT of noise!) weekend!!! Romy, Victor, Edouard, and my parents came for a visit. We went to the neighbourhood waterpark, BBQ'd some burgers, went for a walk, and most importantly...just hung out all together. Hudson LOVED it (to the point that he kept pointing to himself when they left, saying that he wanted to go too). My only complaint is that it was too short!


Kaili said...

Audrey is going to be SO JEALOUS!
The kids look like they had SO much fun!
Hudson is beating up on the the boys in almost all the pictures.
So cute!

Susan said...

Your pics show the fun & chaos(!) so well! It's good to see the kids smiling so much; they can't wait to go back... so... when can I get another weekend off?!
p.s. can i send you Christian, too?

Audrey said...

I love the pictures and YES I am jealous. Do you think you could handle my 3 girls at your place too for a cousin sleepover? That would be SUPER fun. Mom and Dad looks like they are having fun too. And Bosco got so much lovin.

Chantal said...

first off, your place is amazing! i love it! i want the dining room set.

second, wow! i love seeing cousins playing together. it's so much fun and it's something I didn't get to do cuz mine are all so much older (and far away, lol). Awww Hudson, he's soooo cute, all of them are. haha susan, you're funny!