Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Hudson's Vocabulary

Hudson understands EVERYTHING! Seriously...everything. He recognizes all sorts of words, letters, shapes, colors, objects...etc. His speech? Ummmm...let's just say that he's learning. Slowly. Which I'm told is normal for boys (vs girls). But it's funny how the few words he does know (combined with some vigourous pointing and grunting) is all he needs to get his point across! He's one bossy dude.

P.S. He calls Bosco "Oof" (Woof).

P.P.S. "Bap" is Korean for "rice", and "Bang-goo" is Korean for "fart".


Audrey said...

Smartypants! He says soooo many words. Way to go! I love how he always has a DVD in his hand.

Sonia said...

Haha...love how he lifts his shirt to try and show his boobies.

Yeah, boys are definitely slower in the speech dept. But, they do catch up!

Kaili said...

Oh my! What a little man! I love seeing videos of him. Cool how he graduated to the DVD it self, not just the case! Very classy!

And love BANG goo rather than pangoo! So sweet!
We need another Hudson visit!

Susan said...

Yay Hudson! You will go far with "boobs" and "bum"!
Joyce, can you make a tape of him saying his Sesame St. friends?!

joyce said...

he can't SAY his Sesame Street friends, silly Susan!!! he just KNOWS them all, i.e. "where's Ernie, where's Bert, Where's Elmo"...etc.

Chantal said...

lol! uh-oh, are these the only words we teach our kids in korean?! that is the extent of Keira's korean vocab: halmoni, pang-goo (which she is quick to say when someone let's out one). He's too cute!