Tuesday, July 22, 2008

5 random's

Hudson already gets smelly feet. No more sweet, innocent baby toes...they are feet that sweat in his shoes, and get sticky and stinky.

Bosco begs for food EVERY. SINGLE. TIME. we eat. Begs like he's starving. The day he doesn't...we'll be driving like maniacs to the vet.

Our yard is 50% grass, 50% weeds. We have the worst lawn of the neighbourhood. I'm sure our neighbours talk about it behind our backs.

I met an old coworker for a playdate today...and 99% of our conversation was about our kids. Scary how I've become someone who I would've considered to be so "boring" before.

Hudson deliberately peed on Bosco. WTF.


Smiley said...

Your neighbors DO talk about you! At least you have a really cute kid to appease them.

What do you mean he peed on Bosco!????

Shannon said...

I can see why you talk about your son 99% of the time. He's freakin' hilarious! Peeing on Bosco? That is definitely a story you tell at his wedding.

Kaili said...

What is with boys and their peeing toys? Geesh!

Amanda said...

Avelyn has morning breath and it makes me so sad that her pure, sweet baby smell is gone and has been replaced by toddler STANK breath. :)

Chantal said...

I am sooo glad I have a girl...hahahah! i knew boys were smelly! just kidding ;P