Friday, June 13, 2008

little stinker
little sweetie
little dude
seeing a butterfly close up



Susan said...

I love seeing Hudson "grow" in your pictures; he looks soooo much older since the last time we saw him (about 3 weeks?)

Romy said...

Nice pictures!
Hudson looks SO much older now!

I hope we can see you guys soon!

Audrey said...

He looks officially like a BIG KID now! No more Baby Hudson. He's so darn cute Sister.

Sonia said...

Sweet! His hair is getting long again. It looks so cute on him!

Sonia said...

BTW, send me your new address! I still have this box sitting here for you.

Chantal said...

Ooh! What's that last pic, a chocolate? He's growing up so fast! Sooo sweet. (uh, no pun intended). lol. How're you guys settling in?

Kaili said...

I agree with Susan, he looks older and older every time we see him in pictures.
His hair is SO long, it makes it even more creepy that he can now ASK for boob!